Non steel pipe fittings
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Non steel pipe fittings

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Maclow Pipe Clips - Polypropelene
These are made of strong, durable flexible plastic. (Co-polymer polypropylene)
Can be used to hold bilge pump handles, boat hooks, winch handles, mooring pins, windlasses, tools and many other uses.
Also suitable for domestic use, to hold central heating or waste pipes, they are very versatile.
Polypropelene Saddle Pipe clips

Polypropelene Saddle Pipe clips are used for securing pipes to fix objects such as walls by the means of 2 screws, they are very light weight but will still hold the pipe firmly in place, plumbers often use this style of clip.

Brass Munsen Ring Pipe Fittings

Brass Munsen Ring Pipe Fittings

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