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Stainless Steel Fasteners: Nuts, bolts, washers etc

Stainless Steel Fasteners

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Hexagonal Nuts

A range of Stainless Steel full nuts, half nuts (lock), left hand thread (LHT) and fine pitch nuts in both A2 (T304) and A4 (T316)

Stainless Steel Self Locking Nuts

Stainless Steel self locking nuts, some of the widely known designs are Aerotight, Nylock, Staytight and Philidas.

Stainless Steel Hexagon Head bolts

Choose between our A2 or A4 Grade Stainless Steel Hex Bolts, both grades have a range of thread sizes and lengths.

Allen Head Socket Capscrew

Allen Head Socket Capscrews have a small cylindrical head with a six sided internal grip for use with an allen key, they have a machined thread of different sizes and many different lengths.

Hex head Woodscrews

Stainless Steel Hex-Head Woodscrews also known as Lag Bolts. These are used to support heavier loads than a standard woodscrew and require a pilot hole unlike some woodscrews, hex head woodscrews are more suitable than a standard woodscrew when a large amount of torque is required.

Counter Sunk PoziDrive Woodscrews

Stainless Steel Counter Sunk PoziDrive Woodscrews, these are useful when securing lengths of wood to wood or when screwimg through an object into wood.

Wing Nuts

Stainless Steel wing nuts, these nuts are used when you want to secure an object with some form of bolt but don't want to use tools.

Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts

Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts, Dome Nut or Acorn Nut, these are used on the end of a length of thread for aesthetic purposes or to protect the end of the thread from damage.

Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts

Stainless Steel Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, these are usually used when securing metal to wood, this is performed by having in one material a recessed square for the neck of the bolt and a standard circle in the other so the fitting can be tightened from just one side by hand with a wing nut or with a spanner with a different type of nut.

Stainless steel and Xylan Coated eyelet screws

Stainless steel and Xylan Coated eyelet screws

Normally used for sewing, jewellery making, art and craft
These eyelets are either A2 (T304) stainless steel or xylan coated. Xylan is a PTFE / Teflon coating which reduced friction. This allows the cord to slip while reducing the tendancy for chaffing the cord.
Great for Roman Blinds
Countersunk Socket Cap Screw

Stainless Steel Countersunk Socket Cap Screw, these are useful when an allen key is needed to be used to tighten the bolt into place but a flush method is required stopping an allen socket capscrew being used.

Hexagon Head Set Screws

Choose between our A2 or A4 Grade Stainless Steel Hex Bolts, both grades have a range of thread sizes and lengths.


Choose from our wide range of stainless steel washers for example flat, shakeproof and spring washers.

Split / Cotter Pins
Stainless Steel Split / Cotter Pins. Fastner with two tines that are bent during installation, similar to a staple or rivet. With a half-circular cross section. Split pins are measured by the size of the hole they are inserted to. The split pin is a loose fit within the hole
Rivet Nuts A2 grade Stainless Steel

Rivet Nuts are a one piece internally threaded rivet that is anchored entirely from one side, this particular type bulge on the other side to the circular base securing it in position.

Hemispherical washer

Hemispherical Washers are half a sphere with a hole perpendicular to the flat side which corresponds to the thread size you will use it with. They are used alongside hemispherical cups which sit together allowing for up to 10 degrees movement from the vertical.


Hemispherical cup

Hemispherical Cups are cylindrical with part of a sphere cut out of one side with a hole in the center that corresponds to the thread size being used. They are used alongside hemispherical washers which sit together allowing for up to 10 degrees movement from the vertical.

Stainless Steel Plate Washers

Stainless Steel Plate Washers

Shear / Tamper Proof Nuts

Shear nuts are also known as breakaway nuts, inviolable nuts, snap off nuts, security nuts, tamper proof nuts or permacone nuts. They are a permanent security solution ideal where maintenance is not required.

They are designed to prevent unauthorised tampering or removal of equipment and facilities. They are typically used in public areas (schools, hospitals etc) and within the fencing industry, e.g. for security perimeter fencing.

Tightened using standard spanner or socket

Breakaway nuts – how they work:
The hexagon nut section is fully tightened with a standard spanner until the pressure applied exceeds the maximum torque limit, which causes the hexagonal part of the nut to break off. This leaves a plain tamper resistant cone shape which is extremely difficult to remove as there is nothing to grip.

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