Pipe Hangers

Graphskill pipe hangers are in place all over the world. We have standard ranges that come in different styles and materials, and of course we can manufacture your bespoke products.

All of the below can be purchased with self colour mild steel, Galvanised, Zinc plated, T304L Stainless Steel and T316L Stainless steel.

Series 1300 Eyerod with hot formed eye

Hot formed Eye Rod

Series 4404 Hemispherical washer

hemispherical washer

Series 1301 Eyerod with integral forged eye

integral forged eye

Series 4405 Hemispehrical cup

hemispherical cup

Series 4500 & 4501 Tie bar


Series 4312 Tie bar connector

tiebar connector

Series 4301 Hot formed weldless eyenut

hot formed weldless eyenut

Series 4310 Weldless bownut with hanger rod

weldless bownut with hanger rod