Universal Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Universal Exhaust Pipe Clamps are general use clamps that hold exhaust pipe parts together on the underside of the vehicle. Usually made from mild steel with a bright zinc plate finish, but there is a growing trend for stainless steel. The obvious advantage of stainless steel is the longevity - in terms of rust proofing. Often called U-clamps, or U-bolt clamps or even saddle clamps. Clamps are sized according to the outside diameter of the pipe being clamped, traditionally imperial, bot more and more frequently now in metric For example: Imperial would be 1", 2" , 2 1/2" etc Metric would be 26 mm, 29 mm, 32 mm etc (usually in 3 mm steps) Graphskill Ltd are a supplier and manufacturer of zinc plated and stainless steel exhaust pipe clamps. The larger clamps with a unique wrap around feature for extra stability.  

Zinc Plated Clamps:

Zinc plated exhaust clamp

Zinc plated exhaust clampMild steel with a bright zinc plated finish. Find the full range here: BZP Exhaust Clamps          

Stainless Steel Clamps:

Stainless Steel Universal Exhaust Pipe Clamp

Stainless Steel Universal Exhaust Pipe Clamp.  Stainless Steel, much longer lasting. While stainless steel is not rust proof, it is certainly much longer lasting. Find the full range here: Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps        

Larger Stainless Steel Clamps

Large Exhaust Clamp with unique wrap around tab

Large Exhaust Clamp with unique wrap around tab

The cradle is a unique design with a wrap around edge support to prevent the saddle from expanding during tightening. See the full range here: Exhaust Clamps


Find out more about Graphskill on our main website: Graphskill Ltd

Exhaust Cradle

An exhaust pipe clamp consists of three parts. The U-bolt, the nuts and the cradle. Occasionally you do not need the full exhaust clamp. Perhaps the cradle is damaged. This is why Graphskill are happy to provide just the cradle if needed. 

Exhaust Cradle - BZP Mild SteelExhaust Cradle - Stainless SteelExhaust Cradle - With wraps

Sometimes called a base plate, or saddle, there are two holes for the legs of the u-bolt to go through. You can see our full range here: Exhaust clamp cradles