Pipe hangers

A range of products that are used in our pipe support systems when securing pipes to surfaces where they can't be secured directly to a wall or base plate.

Pipe hangers

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Eyerod with integral forged eye
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Hot formed weldless eyenut

Hot formed weldness eyenuts have one end flat where a hole is punched for a bolt or bar to be passed through for example one end of a clip, the other end has a female thread so a bolt or thread can be screwed in and then that is able to be secured on a wall or ceiling thus creating a hanging support. 

Stainless Open Body Turnbuckle Eye / Eye

A turnbuckle is a device used to adjust the tension of lengths of cable, ropes tie rods and other tensioning systems.

Weldless bownut

A Weldless Bownut like the hot formed eyenut are used for hanging purpose and comprise of a hollow middle for a bolt or bar to pass through to hang on and at the end a female threaded section for a bolt or studding to be attached to be secured in position.

However the bow nut has a bigger hollow middle allowing for more movement and is drop forged rather than hot formed.

Clevis Hangers

Stainless Steel Clevis Hangers

Hemispherical cup

Hemispherical Cups are cylindrical with part of a sphere cut out of one side with a hole in the center that corresponds to the thread size being used. They are used alongside hemispherical washers which sit together allowing for up to 10 degrees movement from the vertical.

Tie Bar Connector - Coupling Nut

A Tie Bar Connector or Coupling Nut is essentially a very long nut, it has an internal thread from top to bottom and is used to join 2 objects with the corresponding male thread for example bolts or moe likely studding.

Hemispherical washer

Hemispherical Washers are half a sphere with a hole perpendicular to the flat side which corresponds to the thread size you will use it with. They are used alongside hemispherical cups which sit together allowing for up to 10 degrees movement from the vertical.


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